Support and communication

Support and communication

Support and communication

An electronic service provided through the application of MY KAU on mobile, to all the employees of the university and students and visitors through which to view communication at the university and its affiliated sectors.

Beneficiary Category

Employees of King Abdul-Aziz University, students and visitors.

Method of communication

A communication service selected from the side menu under the public services. It shows how to communicate with the university by sending a message, calling the university emergency or using the university's unified number as shown in the following picture:

You can also communicate through the mailbox and phones described in the application or communicate with the university president when clicking on the "icon exclamation point" as shown in the following image:

“Ask me” and “FAQ”

Where you can viewFAQs for each section. In addition,you can add a new questions.

To view FAQ for a specific section:

To view a specific question answer:

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